About All-Inclusive History

I’ve recent had great fun working as a GCSE History consultant and writer for AngleEye productions for their pitch for BBC Bitesize, as well as a textbook author for Oxford University Press’s new GCSE series of History textbooks and consultant for School History Scene’s plays and resources.

As well as this, my organisation, All-Inclusive History, supplies consultancy and programme concepts.

I’m currently developing ideas for a Horrible-Histories style programme at the moment which would tie in more with the new GCSE specifications, and a ‘How to..’- style book and programme which looks at the rudimentals of history for adults, not content so much but a toolkit for being a historian. There’s also the concept of a national play for schools which I’ve been developing on the empires Britain has been in and made as well as Migration to and from Britain. I was a Head of History and History teacher for the 15 years prior to that – and still manage to squeeze in lots of teaching, talks, tours and lectures where I can.

All-Inclusive History: Providing passion about the past!

All-Inclusive History is an exciting new organisation, which has been created to support organisations of all types in their delivery of history and encourage a passion in people for the past. We are not-for-profit and our mission statement is to: engage – any age – in their heritage.

Since 2000, I have presented a number of sessions to History PGCE candidates at Sussex University on different topics. From 2002, I was involved in the development of KS3 Citizenship as part of the body advising on assessment in the subject, as well as being a Head of Department in this subject (my cohorts both years at Durrington High got 100% A*-C). This January I am due to be speaking to PGCE trainees on the use of historical sources.

I led training at St Andrew’s and Durrington on Citizenship and PSHE and whilst at Durrington at Head of History started up ‘Parent-Student Success Evenings’, which I then took to Downlands as Head of Humanities, which other departments have since copied. These evenings are where students are encouraged to show their parents what they can do at GCSE level, and then work with their parents in a competitive way at tackling GCSE and other tasks. I would be keen to show staff as CPD how these work and have been successful.

In all three WSCC schools I have worked at, I have co-ordinated and led a large number of trips, which I would be keen to train new teaching staff (or even experienced staff who have never led a trip) how to do, especially in view of the new requirement at GCSE History from 2016 for the study of a local historical site. I now have experience of organising trips for schools with my company. We will be taking children from PACA to Ypres in June and Worthing High Students on a Geography trip in September. Worthing High has also engaged our consultancy service to assist its programme of student leadership.

At both Durrington and Downlands I led aspects of staff CPD, and at Downlands we had training sessions, such as on feedback from curriculum developments at GCSE in history, which I have led for our school and other invited schools, such as PACA.

I have been a GCSE examiner for a number of years for all three main exam boards, and also have experience of working for both Oxford University Press, where I worked as consultant and contributor to the textbook for KS3 & 4: ‘Why remember the First World War?’. I am currently a consultant to the nationwide-touring company, Schools History Scene, led by the eminent schools historian and textbook writer, Josh Brooman, and have been advising them for the last two years on their play, Hitler on Trial, and their Exam-Busting Workshop, as well as this year, their play: ‘The Doctors Show’. I do talks around the county and am currently running and organising a number of historical tours and talks.