About All-Inclusive History

All-Inclusive History is an exciting new organisation, which has been created to support organisations of all types in their delivery of history and encourage a passion in people for the past. Our mission statement is to: engage – any age – in their heritage.

All-Inclusive History, supplies consultancy and programme concepts as well as producing books, resources and other history bobbins. We also offer tours, talks, trips and training.

Providing passion about the past!

I have been a GCSE examiner for a number of years for all three main exam boards, and also have experience of working for both Oxford University Press, where I worked as consultant and contributor to the textbook for KS3 & 4: ‘Why remember the First World War?’. I am currently a consultant to the nationwide-touring company, Schools History Scene, led by the eminent schools historian and textbook writer, Josh Brooman, and have been advising them for the last two years on their play, Hitler on Trial, and their Exam-Busting Workshop, as well as this year, their play: ‘The Doctors Show’. I do talks around the county and am currently running and organising a number of historical tours and talks.

If you’d like to engage our services and you need help with any area or aspect of history, please get in touch!