Gameshows, Team Building and Corporate Events 2017

We offer a wide variety of corporate events. Below are a few examples:

Can I get to Widnes?
Our departure into the world of Geography & SatNavs gives teams the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of distances, locations, journeys and places of Britain with all their secrets! A game for those who love nothing better than motorway service stations and the M25!

Mock the Past
A comedy gameshow based on historic cartoons, film clips, and pictures with a range of humorous history activities

NEW! Monarchy Madness
How good is your knowledge of Britain’s Royal Family?

So, you’re sure you know Sussex?
A gameshow where the teams pit their knowledge and wits against each other over Sussex’s past and present

The Greasy Pole
The chance for teams to show off their knowledge of the people that climbed ‘the greasy pole’ – politicians – and events associated with them – elections, gaffs and even the odd party political broadcast