Helping everyone become Historically Environmentally Friendly

As you may be aware, from 2016, GCSE History students will be examined on an historic environment (HE) site around the UK, or with one exam board, even in Australia!

All exam boards have to offer a question or series of questions on this task, and it is worth between 10-20% of the GCSE at present as planned.

I was a full-time teacher and Head of History for 15 years who took thousands of children on history trips as well as an advocate of using architecture to teach history. Now, as well as a textbook author for Oxford University Press, architectural historian and GCSE examiner, I want to make sure the new HE task at GCSE fulfils its potential as an opportunity to make history more inclusive and accessible.

All-Inclusive History has a strong background in supporting organisations of all sizes with architectural history, from small schools to large companies like the Hilton Group, who we have provided an exhibition and history presentations for and even the Labour Party. I am currently writing ‘Brilliant Brighton’ for the Newsquest Group, ‘Brighton and Hove in 50 Buildings’ for Amberley Publishing and my project following that is a book on all the Hotel Metropoles across the world and UK, past and present.

We are firmly involved with the new HE task and I am happy to continue providing the advice we have so far: training teachers, presenting a series of resources and talks around the country educating teachers about the HE task, helping schools to decide which exam board to select and where to study.  Where their exam board has provided a site at distance from the school, we will provide local ‘practice’ equivalents to visit and support for those who cannot visit any site (it is not a requirement that students do have to visit the site they are studying).

We will be taking teachers on training visits and I am currently writing Teacher Handbook sections and mini-film
scripts for Oxford University Press on the HE.  I have been advocating a new organisation needing coming into being, the Historic Environment Association, which we are now planning to launch.  It is a very busy and exciting time. Therefore, please get in touch if you are a school or historic venue needing help to support schools engage with this exciting new development. Whether it’s resources, presentations or consultancy in general as to how to maximise engagement, please let us provide an all-inclusive service of support to you.