History Conference during week of Holocaust Memorial Day


Happy new year! We thought you might like to hear about our next event, a History Conference in the week of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Worthing was a hotspot of fascist and some anti-semitic activity in the 1930s and 40s. In a week when the country will be remembering those involved in the terrible events of the 1940s we attempt to investigate Sussex’s past in terms of its attitude to Jewish citizens and why attitudes could be so poor on occasion and why the British Union of Fascists favoured Worthing as a recruiting and meeting location.  More of the BUF were interred in West Sussex than any other county and Worthing had the country’s first fascist councillor.

We will then study how the treatment of Jewish Britons, the BUF and the Holocaust was covered by the local press and how it has been discussed in school textbooks since the 1940s.  The findings can be quite shocking. We will pause for lunch at 1pm and then commence a tour of ‘Fascist Worthing’ from 1.30 until 3pm. In the first session there will be the opportunities for those attending to discuss findings and work together looking at resources about the topics covered.

If you would be interested in the above history conference, please email me on the below address or call 07504 863867.  The event will be from 10am-3pm with morning break and lunch. Morning break refreshments will be provided but those attending will need to bring their own lunch or there are some nearby cafes. The cost of the conference, which is taking place in Worthing Library lecture Theatre will be £12, payable on the day with cash or card.  There will also be a chance to buy local history books as well, such as the latest paperback copies of Antony Edmonds’ books on Worthing.

I hope the conference is of interest. 

Kevin Newman