Launch of ’50 Gems of Sussex’


I’ve just published my latest book ’50 Gems of Sussex’. 50 Gems can be found all across Sussex, but a metal detector or spade won’t be necessary according to a local author. That’s because 50 Gems Of Sussex is the latest in Amberley Publishing’s series of books, which takes the reader on a tour of the county’s most spectacular and appealing points of interest.

Readers will discover where Ghostbusters Bill Murray turned up for some spirits, where people used to put their cock-in-the pot, why Parson Brady’s hole often got lit up and why the US flag flies over a part of this quintessentially English south coast county. Also discover where Queen Mary ended up in a farmyard, where the French paid for a castle built to keep them out of Sussex and why Hitler refused to bomb an Eastbourne hotel. Learn about a fortress deliberately built with a massive hole in it, the group of immigrants Nigel Farage comes from and how Jane Austen once lived in Pizza Express.

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