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50 Clocktowers of England

50 Clocktowers of England is a nationwide exploration of an intriguing type of building the Victorians and Edwardians built in great numbers, even after they were less needed as many people had watches. Historian and author of Brighton and Hove In 50 Buildings, Kevin Newman investigates these interesting obsolete buildings in a celebration of their architecture, their locations, their role in popular culture and their history. He poses the question of whether they had other purposes than just to tell the time, and ask what exactly does their construction in large numbers have to tell us about our ancestors? The book focusses especially on Brighton and Leeds two, the ‘cities of clocktowers’ whose Victorian inhabitants especially went on clocktower-building sprees’. Newman investigates clocktowers that are loved, long-lost and hidden and asks whether these Victorian ‘follies’ still have any role in today’s society; also looking at their modern equivalents still being built.