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Brighton and Hove in 50 Buildings

This is an exciting new look at one of Britain’s most famous and influential cities, telling the story of this ‘city of sin’ and ‘Queen of watering places’. Readers experience a fresh look at the one-time fishing village through fifty of its most famous, unusual, unheard of or influential buildings. It is not simply a guide to Brighton’s most famous architecture, but looks also at the buildings that tell a story, whether it be of the rich and famous, the criminal, the go-getters and those left behind in a destination first built for the rich and regal. The book takes you across the many different areas of the city and covers buildings from royal retreats to crumbling cottages.

Lewes Pubs

Ever since the days when it was reconstructed as one of King Alfred’s burhs (fortified towns), Lewes has experienced a wealth of taverns, inns, alehouses, and public houses. Today the once-county town of Sussex has a range of pubs that reflect this interesting, quirky, affluent yet also sometime fiercely independent and radical town.

Kevin Newman, a Sussex author, historian, tour guide and history teacher with years of experience of taking groups around Lewes here takes the reader on a fascinating journey through Lewes’s watering houses past and present. He explores the trivial, the unknown, the spooky, the unusual and the achievements that have taken place in Lewes pubs. He also tells of the many characters that have frequented or run Lewes’s public houses. Ranging from the happiest of times, to the pub on the spot of the UK’s highest deathtoll from an avalanche, Lewes inns tells many tales and ‘Lewes Pubs’ will make locals and visitors alike want to run down to one of the towns terrific taverns straight away.

Secret Brighton

Secret Brighton offers a unique insight into the intriguing and eccentric city of Brighton through the lesser-known aspects of its history. It attempts to highlight the history ‘below the surface’ of Brighton, revealing lesser-known aspects that even most Brightonians don’t know. Brighton has been a town of the rich and royal, the famous and the filmed, so it is not surprising that the city holds many secrets of those in power and with patronage, who were able to live secretive and private lives. At the other end of the spectrum, it has experienced extremes of poverty in the slums and dark alleyways just streets from the wealthiest. These communities also kept their own secrets. It was a transient town (7,000,000 visitors make their way here still every year), and so many of these visitors brought and still bring secrets with them. Brighton is also the biggest city on the South Coast, and its many houses, hotels and hostelries also have lesser-known stories to tell.

Kevin Newman, a Brighton-born author, historian, tour guide around the city and history teacher takes the reader on a fascinating journey through Brighton’s lesser-known history. He tells of the Prince’s Regent’s numerous trips to the site of what is a council estate today, the little-known plans for Brighton’s hotels and piers in the First World War and reveals which Brightonian multi-million-selling author was once Orson Welles’ house cleaner!

50 Gems of Sussex

Famous for its coastal playgrounds and rural retreats, Sussex is a county filled with natural appeal and is just an hour from the City of London. With a timeline dating back to the ancient Kingdom of Sussex and beyond, this south-eastern county is full of attractive and iconic treasures.
From the bustling seaside metropolis of Brighton to cosy chocolate-box villages such as Amberley and the magnificent Chichester Cathedral, this book takes the reader on a fascinating journey through market towns, vast landscapes and distinctive places of notable interest. The beautiful valley of Devil’s Dyke, the medieval Pevensey Castle and the history of Norman Sussex draw countless visitors and are among this collection of Sussex sites that capture the character and intrigue of the striking county. Breweries and beaches, castles and museums and those scenes of bucolic splendour that continue to attract artists, celebrities, photographers and writers are all here in a lovingly painted picture of Sussex today. In 50 Gems of Sussex, historian, tour guide and author Kevin Newman explores fifty unmissable gems that make this southern county special.

St. Mary’s School of Washington 

For the school’s 150 th anniversary, Kevin was commissioned to write the history of this school
and its place within the Downland village of Washington.

Visitor’s Historic Britain: West


Visitor’s Historic Britain: East
Sussex/ Brighton and Hove


Historic England – Sussex

Sussex has been the home of everyone from dinosaurs and early humans, to holidaymakers and the health-conscious. It has been Iron Age, Saxon, Viking and Norman battleground, gateway to England for invaders and home to monarchs, aristocrats, writers, painters and photographers. Since the 1750s it has also been the leading destination of those seeking coastal contentment or rural retreat. Boasting a backbone of seventy miles of the South Downs, beautiful beaches, and thriving resorts has meant the county maintains a warm place in many British hearts, and so many aspects of Sussex life have been captured on film or canvas.  In Historic England: Sussex Brighton born author Kevin Newman takes readers on a unique and illustrated journey through a personal selection of Sussex’s past. Kevin brings his knowledge as author of numerous publications on Sussex and as a Sussex tour guide to the Historic England and Britain From Above archives to explain and bring alive photographs and illustrations ranging from the 1850s to the present day. Subjects include…… Historic England: Sussex presents the reader with a visual history of this most picturesque and popular of counties in this showcase of this unique resource of archive images.

Historic England – Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove may only have been combined as a city since the turn of the millennium, but it is one of the country’s most famous locations. It witnessed prehistoric human activity and has packed in an awful lot of history since the establishment as ‘Brighthelmstone’ by Saxon settlers. Brighton and Hove have grown from their early days as small fishing and farming settlements to become the country’s premier seaside resort, and the historic journey experienced by these two is what brings many of the near 11 million visitors the city welcomes each year. In Historic England: Brighton, Brighton-born author Kevin Newman takes readers on a unique and illustrated journey through his personal selection of images from the Historic England and Britain From Above archives. Kevin brings his knowledge as author of numerous publications about the city, as teacher of local history and as Sussex tour guide to explain, interpret and bring alive photographs and illustrations ranging from the 1850s to the present day. We explore places to play, stay, live, love, work and learn. In this sequel to Kevin’s Historic England: Sussex, in Historic England: Brighton and Hove the reader is presented with a visual selection of the history of this most vibrant, cultural, cosmopolitan and eccentric city, This unique showcase of archive images has never published before and presents a fascinating look at the city’s past.

A-Z of Brighton and Hove

Brighton-born author Kevin Newman takes the reader on a selective tour of the past of Britain’s premier coastal resort in alphabetical order. A-Z of Brighton and Hove delves into the stories behind the city’s most notable streets, places, parks and buildings, as well as the dark secrets of its inhabitants, lesser-known lanes and twittens (the Sussex name for alleyways). The book reveals the stories behind of some of the more unusual place names and the history of many of its distinctive features and citizens. Also here are tales of the town’s less-famous (and infamous) sons and daughters and the places they frequented. Building upon and updating the work of Tim Carder’s wonderful Encyclopaedia of Brighton and its early 21st century successor, A-Z of Brighton and Hove provides something for everyone, whether visiting or a citizen of the ‘Old Ocean’s Bauble’ as Brighton was once described.

Forthcoming Brighton and Hove book – TBA

Kevin’s next book on Brighton and Hove aims to select, shout and sing from the rooftops the positive people, amazing animals and exciting events of Sussex’s premier city’s past and present? It takes a cheeky, sneaky peak at the historical celebrations of yesteryear, at remarkable local people, notable events and feats of great achievement and ambition. It celebrates the people and places that make Brighton and Hove unique, vibrant and irresistible to visitors.  So many history books focus on what is lost, but the book explores traditions touching today, and investigates industry and industrialists that have provided employment and prosperity. It finds festivals and events that Brighton and Hove hosts, and tells of local heroes and benefactors, as well as heart-warming stories of restoration and rejuvenation as well as Brighton and Hove’s ‘firsts’.  The book provides a miscellany of greatness; detailing the history of how and what makes this seaside city so iconic and worth celebrating.

Pond Puddings and Sussex Smokies

Pond Puddings and Sussex Smokies takes its name from two of Sussex’s traditional dishes and is an investigation into Sussex’s Food and Drink across the centuries. It highlights the culinary
history and specialities of the county, together with its famous food and drink producers, markets and the county’s food-themed events. It starts with an exploration of interesting and unusual
Sussex dishes and drinks, as well as the people behind them in the past and today. It will visit wonderful watering holes and incredible eating places and well as past and present Sussex
traditions, events and past times where food features. The book will also provide both walking and motorised food and drink tours as well as an investigation into the history behind fab foods,
festivals and the backstory to beers.

Worthing book – TBA


Beef Everyday But No Latin

Ever thought you could run your school better than your teachers? In 1925, an 11-year-old schoolboy from Hove in Sussex, James Bernard Clifton did more than just think about it – he actually went ahead and set up his own school. Complete with a one-legged swimming teacher, a book-throwing headmaster, a ball-stealing school dog, and WWII bombing raid, Beef Every Day But No Latin tells the tale of how ‘Clifton’ manages to do what no other British child has ever done: open up his own school and keep it going.

Unlike any other school, Clifton was able to decide on the timetable, recruit his own staff, and teach other pupils. The end result? A very unique school, which we’d all liked to have attended, where the pupils had ‘beef every day but no latin’.

This equally sad, funny and heart-warming story is based on the real-life story of a this very amazing boy, the team he built and his school, Claremont School in Hove.  Setting up a school will lead to all sorts of problems though, as Clifton will find out, especially when the Headmaster of the school you left is out for revenge…