Spooky Tours of Worthing 2020

All-Inclusive History is running its Spooky Worthing Tour for the sixth year running, led by local Victorian spectre, Mortimer Spirimawgus. Spooky Worthing

The tour will start and finish at Worthing Pier, the NPS pier of the year of course! Those on the tour will hear how the British version of the Nazis nearly met their deaths across from the pier, of the poor distressed girl who jumped off the pier to drown herself in 1906 and how the pier commemorates the seven aircrew who died a fiery and horrific death not far from the pier in WWII.

We also feature the lower settlement of Worthing that was washed away by storms in the early 1700s where the pier now stands. The tour also features the terrifying typhoid outbreak of 1893 and takes those on the tour down Worthing’s dark and spooky warren of twittens (alleys), the escape routes of smugglers and the criminal classes in years past! The most horrifying tales will involve chocolate, tea and the wailing banshee of a Worthing church!

The tour date this Autumn is 31 October. Booking Now.

The tour costs £7.50 for adults, £5 for children. Please email info@allinclusivehistory.org or call 07504 863867 to reserve a place. Private spooky tours are also available (usually a minimum of 10 in a group).

The Spooky Worthing Tour is also available as an illustrated talk/ virtual tour for care and residential homes for people not mobile enough to come on the walking tour.