Talks and Tours

All-Inclusive History provide a selection of talks, tours, walking tours and other events in Sussex and the South East.

All of the talks and tours listed can be either a talk or a tour, based at your location, and last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, dependant on request.  Costs are £85 to £105 per hour, depending on numbers, travel and other requirements.

Walking tours, in Brighton and Worthing, range from £5 to £12 per head depending on location, topic and duration.  Motorised tours start at £30 per person with a minimum of ten attendees.

A history of the new in Brighton

A look at the launch events, grand openings and first days of buildings and events in Brighton and Hove.

A-Z of Brighton/Worthing

A unique history of Brighton/Worthing – can also be presented as a quiz or gameshow to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Beef Every Day But No Latin

A new walking tour of the sites of Hove that form the backdrop to my forthcoming book about 11 year-old James Clifton who set up Claremont School in Hove in 1925, which served up ‘beef every day but no latin’. The school still exists today in Sussex!

Brighton & Hove in 50 Buildings

A talk based upon my 2016 book of this title, looking at the buildings of the city that tell an interesting tale.

Brilliant Brighton!

A celebrationary talk or talk of all that is brilliant about the Queen of Watering places – based on my 2016 Argus supplement.

Business in Brighton

The tale of development of Brighton’s industries, from early fishing and farming, to the entertainment and hospitality boom, Victorian entrepreneurs and the hi-tech today.

City of Cemeteries

Being a hospital town in WWI and in the front-line during WWII means Brighton, Hove and Portslade’s cemeteries are full of interesting war graves.  Kevin Newman and Amanda Jane Scales take you on walking tours of these.

Churchill’s Brighton

The story of Winston’s relationship with the Queen of watering places.

Health, life, disease and death in Brighton

A talk exploring how Brighton has led to both expanded and reduced lifespans throughout its history – and how it is linked to the greatest medical movers and shakers.

Height in Brighton

The story of ever-taller buildings in Brighton and Hove – from early days to i360.

Hops and Heritage

Walking tours of Brighton and Lewes’s breweries, or personalised motorised tours of Sussex’s breweries past and present.

Hotels of Brighton and Hove/Sussex

The development of hotels in the city, from earliest inns to developments in hotels today – or of the hostelries across the county.

All-Inclusive Brighton

Amanda Jane Scales takes you on a walking tour of what makes Brighton the most inclusive, welcoming and tolerant of cities.

Lewes Pubs

A talk where you can attempt the virtual tour of the pubs and breweries mentioned in my 2016 book, Lewes Pubs – or see ‘Hops and Heritage’ for the walking tour.

Literary Brighton/Sussex

Discover the impact of great authors, from Austen and Belloc to Wilde and Greene.

Lost Brighton

An exploration of Brighton’s lost or forgotten buildings, places and traditions.

Lost Visions of Brighton/ Sussex

An exploration of the many schemes and visions for development of Brighton and Sussex that never came into fruition.

People’s Brighton

The stories of the unreported builders of Brighton: its workers, immigrants and families that helped develop the resort and make it Britain’s premier seaside city.

Pevsner’s Brighton

The architecture of Brighton from its earliest buildings to i360.

Recycled Brighton

How Brighton has reused and recycled its purpose, people and places.

Royal Brighton

The tale of the many royals that helped make Brighton ‘the queen of watering places’.

Seagulls’ City

A motorised tour of the story of Brighton and Hove Albion.

Secret Brighton/Sussex

An extension of my 2016 book ‘Secret Brighton’ – a talk about the little known and hidden aspects of Brighton – and Sussex

Victoria’s Brighton

A talk that challenges Brighton’s negative perceptions of the Queen who sold the Pavilion, based on my provocative article in the Argus newspaper.

Visitors’ Historic East Sussex/ Brighton and Hove

A perspective on Sussex, based on my forthcoming 2019 book for Pen and Sword.

Volk’s Brighton

The story of Brighton’s greatest inventor and engineer – talk or tour.

The Old Ship

Talks and guided tours of Brighton’s oldest hotel.

Waterhouse’s Waterside Wonder

The tale of the 125 years of Alfred Waterhouse’s only seafront hotel and public building, the Hilton Brighton Metropole.

Architectural Worthing

An exploration of Worthing’s architectural history from earliest days to the contemporary.

Austen’s Worthing/Sussex

A talk/walking tour of Worthing’s most famous temporary resident – and motorised tour of Worthing and Brighton.

Cultural Worthing

The story of how Austen, Shelley, Wilde and other authors are linked with Worthing.

Lost Worthing

An exploration of Worthing’s lost or forgotten buildings, places and traditions.

Royal Worthing

The tale of the many royals that have visited and had an impact on this seaside town.

Worthing Behaving Badly

 A talk and tour commemorating the 20th anniversary of the airing of the penultimate episode of 90’s sitcom Men Behaving Badly and its visit to Worthing.

Spooky East Worthing

 A walking tour of the spookiest side of Worthing!

WWI Worthing/Brighton

 Telling how the Great War effected these Sussex settlements and life through the war.

50 Gems of Sussex
A look at (nearly!) 50 places mentioned in my book that everyone should visit in Sussex.
Ancient Sussex

A talk or tour of Sussex from Boxgrove man to the Normans.

Belloc’s Kingdom

A tour or talk based on the Anglo-French Sussex patriot, poet, MP and writer.

Bond’s Sussex

A talk or motorised tour of the county’s links with 007 and his creator, Ian Fleming.

Cold War Sussex

How Sussex featured in the Cold War and what life was like in the county during this era.

Democratic Sussex
The tale of elections and political activities in Sussex from the 1700’s to 2015.
Foolish Fellows and Females

A talk exploring foolish behaviour across the centuries – in Sussex or the UK.

Lost Sussex

An exploration of where elements of the county’s past have been lost or forgotten.

Petworth: Sussex’s Versailles
A tour or talk about the most un-Sussex like of Sussex settlements, the wonderful town of Petworth. Can include Petworth House with prior arrangement.
Pevensey: Sussex Stronghold
The story of how the Roman’s Anderida (fort of the Great Ford) and later Pevens’ea (the castle by Peven’s river) has been significant in development, security and control of England for 17 centuries.
Royal Sussex

We take you on the tour – virtual or otherwise – we think the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex will take.

Republican Sussex

As a counterbalance to Royal Sussex, we take you on a tour of the Civil War and Republican hotspots of Sussex, as well as the places in Sussex any new monarch should know.

Saxon Sussex
The story of the invaders who gave Sussex its name and the kingdom they built.
Scrumptious Sussex
A talk and motorised tour explaining Sussex traditions with food and drink, eating, drinking, brewing and cooking – can be linked to visits of great Sussex eating places.
Sherlock’s Sussex

A talk or tour on Sussex’s links with Sherlock Holmes and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Silly Sussex

A talk on the daft, bizarre, silly and downright comic elements of Sussex’s past Spooky Sussex/Worthing A spooky tour of the county or one of its leading smuggling towns.

Smugglers’ Sussex

The story of the smugglers of this part of Sussex – their rise and fall in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

Stately Sussex

A talk on Sussex’s great houses.

Super Sussex

A talk based on the latest or all of my history supplements on Sussex for the Argus.

Sussex and Europe With Brexit approaching

A talk on Sussex’s attitude to Europe, the EC, EEC and EU.

Sussex and the Sea

An exploration of Sussex smugglers, shipwrecks and stricken sailors.

The Fascists are coming!
The story of Mosley’s Blackshirts in Sussex and the BUF’s activities in the 1930,s and 1940,s.
Viking Sussex

The invaders who changed the face of Sussex and Britain and their legacy.

Visitors’ Historic WestSussex
A perspective on Sussex, based on my 2018 book for Pen and Sword.
Visitors’ Historic East Sussex/ Brighton and Hove

A perspective on Sussex, based on my forthcoming 2019 book for Pen and Sword.

Washington and Wartime

A history of the little-known Sussex village of Washington in wartime, from the Civil to Cold War.

Washington: West Sussex Wonder
A history of a little-known Sussex Downland village: it’s stories, people and places.
Women of Sussex/Worthing

The tale of the well-and less-well known women from this unusual seaside town – and across the county as a whole.

WW1 Sussex

An exploration of what life was like in the war and how Sussex helped the war effort.

AQA Historic Environment events
Talks, tours or GCSE support on the Historic Environment sites for the AQA board – including Pevensey, the Battle of Hastings/ Battle Abbey and Greenwich’s Royal Observatory.
Brexit Britain
German A-Level students are already studying Brexit. This talk examines what a Brexit history lesson will look like and textbooks about the events of 2016 onwards?
Conflict, Casualties and Care In WWI
A talk, trip or GCSE course to support students studying Edexcel GCSE History’s Historic Environment Option to study medicine in the trenches of the Western Front in WWI.
Crime and Punishment tour of Whitechapel/East End
A talk, tour or GCSE support to help students studying the Crime and Punishment option for Edexcel’s Historic Environment GCSE exam topic.
Empire, Migration and Identity c790-2015AD
A talk about Britain as both colony and coloniser and how this has affected migration to and from Britain and created our identity over the years from the GCSE book I co-wrote.
Historical Environment at GCSE
A teacher-training event or briefing for businesses focussing on the new GCSE requirement whereby students are examined on a site of historical interest.  How can schools introduce this new task smoothly and prepare their students well? How might it be of interest to businesses?
Medicine Through Time - London
A motorised and walking tour of London’s medical history – to support the Historic Environment GCSE History topic for schools studying Edexcel GCSE History.
What Is Truly All-Inclusive History?
Jeremy Corbyn in one of his first speeches as Labour leader said history needs to be more inclusive. We take up this challenge and outline our views for how the subject should develop to engage everyone.
WWI Battlefields Tour
A motorised tour of the Western Front designed either for schools or adult groups.
The historiography of the Holocaust
Investigating how anti-semitism and the Holocaust were reported in Sussex, and subsequently in school textbooks from the 1940’s.

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